PMR is good command in Ericsson RNC.

After login to Moshell just pmr and you will get list option to get such good things.
Here are the options...

Enter your Choice and Get result..

1) Carrier Average Rssi and Transmitted Power
2) Downlink RadioLink Setup Success Rate
3) Uplink RadioLink Setup Success Rate
4) HSPA Throughput
5) HSDPA Congestion
6) HSDPA CQI total
7) HSDPA CQI rop by rop
8) HsDschResources AckNack rop by rop
9) HSDPA Measurements IubDataStreams
10) HSDPA Frame problems
11) HSDPA Usage rop by rop
12) HSDPA Codes rop by rop
13) HSDPA Power rop by rop
14) HSDPA Throughput per SPIxx
15) HSDPA Throughput per SPIxx-PQ
16) HSDPA Iub Flow Control
17) Total EUL Throughput and Efficency Factors
18) EUL Throughput and Efficency Factors rop by rop
19) Total EUL stuff
20) EUL stuff rop by rop
21) Total IBHOs and rejects
22) IBHOs and rejects rop by rop
23) Total UplinkBaseBandPool SetupFailures
24) Total UplinkBaseBandPool SetupFailures rop by rop
25) Total DownlinkBaseBandPool Allocation Rejects
26) DownlinkBaseBandPool Allocation Rejects rop by rop
27) Total DownlinkBaseBandPool RlSetupAttempts
28) DownlinkBaseBandPool RlSetupAttempts rop by rop
29) Total DownlinkBaseBandPool RlSetupFailures
30) DownlinkBaseBandPool RlSetupFailures rop by rop
31) Total DownlinkBaseBandPool RlAdditionFailures
32) DownlinkBaseBandPool RlAdditionFailures rop by rop

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